What Do We Write About?

Write Way Designs can handle any project. And while that should be expected by any writer we take particular pride in that fact. We know we can write about anything- technical or anecdotal. Professional or casual we have you covered.

And that’s one of our favorite things about being a writer. You get to learn and constantly be challenged. Part of being a good freelance writer means you have to be a good researcher and that’s where a lot of want to be’s fail. You have to know your stuff or learn your stuff. Simple as that.

I recently had to put together a series fo articles for a veterinary clinic. Now I love animals but I’m far from an animal expert. Quite the opposite. I know¬†that they’re cute and pretty fuzzy but beyond that, I just don’t know much about the basics of veterinary medicine. So what did the clinic want for their first article?

They wanted an article on gassy pets. That’s right, pets that well stink a little more than usual. Often we see this with certain breeds but they wanted to know about a lot more than certain breeds. They wanted to know about what owners could do to reduce the potency of gassy pets. And the answer may be more complicated than you realize. What comes out has everthing to do with what goes in. Sounds simple but there is a whole lot going in between those two points.

And as Robert Frost said, that makes all the difference.

A different kind of stink!

So being a writer isn’t all about traveling or seeing far off and fancy destinations. Some of it means researching pet farts. But I’d take it over a boss and a 9-5 any day of the week. Would you?

Well, that’s what we’re about here. We want to teach you to be a freelance writer.

Stay with us.